The Olive Oil of the Land of Don Quixote

Extra virgin olive oil from a studied and balanced

Combination of olives of the varieties cornicabra, picual and arbequina.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with amazing qualities.

Smelling phase:
In nose it emphasizes its fruity of mature olives
Tasting phase:
In mouth is tasty, sweet at the beginnig but with a touch of bitterness and spiciness at the end that make it very balanced.
Indicated both for its consumption in crude as for the frying and cooking of foods.
Certifications and Awards:

Cornicabra variety provides a soft aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit, slightly sweet with a flavor that stand out brilliantly apple and almond. Evoques banana and other fruits at full maturation. Also, not to forget the notes of tomato plant and fig tree mixed with light touches of olive leaf and artichoke. With great expressiveness, it exhibits its complex scents in nose, also is equipped with balance and harmony at the end. Taste, it shows good body, nice smooth texture and rich flavor, with bitter and spicy, well balanced notes which gives to this olive oil a great elegance. Smooth, silky touch, with marked amplitude and persistence in the retronasal olfaction.


glass or pet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alacena del Duque is available in two different formats: PET and crystal. PET bottle is lighter and more practical than the traditional glass bottle.

Its flavor, aroma and nutritional value make it ideal for all culinary purposes, such as salad dressing, stews or fried food (e.g. squid rings). An excellent idea is cooking pasta, vegetables, meats and fish with a splash of this olive oil added to the cooking water. This oil is especially suitable for seasoning all kinds of vegetables, well cooked or raw and can even be used in pastry and confectionery.

Bottle Format Units per box Weight
Glass 1000 ml 12 16,50 kg
Glass 500 ml 12 9,32 kg
PET 1000 ml 15 14,00 kg
PET 5000 ml 3 14,00 kg