Olive oil, especially the Extra Virgin one (EVOO),

Is a type of oil of the highest quality, which is obtained directly from olives in good condition only by mechanical means, with an unblemished taste and aroma and free of defects, not exceeding 0,8 °, expressed in percentage of free oleic acid. It has among its qualities, oleic acid and fats of vegetable origin, which reduce the risk of obstructions in the arteries, and has a high content in carotenes and vitamin E, being therefore highly recommended against other types of oil and butter. EVOO is highly recommended to use it:

When eating raw: Using it to seasoning, salads and vegetables (raw or cooked), to accompany the bread and to make sauces such as mayonnaise, vinaigrette and alioli. It is also added to dishes as typical of spanish cuisine as gazpacho, ajoblanco, salmorejo and in general any cold soup…

When frying and stewing: To fry any type of food in pan. You have to take into account that the oil must not be smoked during preheating (before incorporating the food), and that it should not be reused more than five times and, if possible, fry similar foods. In addition, it must be filtered before storing it, in an opaque container, and keep it away from light and heat.

There are those who think that using extra virgin oil for cooking is a waste, and that only raw oil should be consumed. This is not so and, in fact, the extra virgin oil can be used perfectly in the stews, as it is of higher quality and has a better taste.