The Olive Oil of the Land of Don Quixote.

The essence of Mediterranean culture.

The extra virgin olive oil Plétora is natural olive juice that retains all the flavor, aroma, vitamins

And exceptional properties of the fruit from which it comes.

Its continued use is a source of health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with amazing qualities.

Smelling phase:
In aromas, it emphasizes its intense fruity to apple and almond with green notes.
Tasting phase:
Tasty in the mouth and well balanced with certain bitter and spicy notes


Certifications and Awards



olive oil

Extraordinary ecologic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), made with the best olives from organic certified crops.

This EVOO is totally respectful of the environment and nature. Due to these special care the production is reduced, but you get a purest product and an incomparable taste.

It has the ecological certification of the European Union and the CAAE.