The Olive Oil of the Land of Don Quixote.

Extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, recognized both by consumers and various prizes, which is extracted after a careful selection among the most healthy and freshly harvested fruits of the variety Cornicabra.

The quality of the oil is demonstrated by its Denomination of Origin Montes de Toledo.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with amazing qualities.

Smelling phase
In nose it emphasizes its intense fruity to apple and green almond.
Tasting phase
In mouth is tasty, sweet at the beginnig but with a touch of bitterness and spiciness at the end that make it very balanced.
Certifications and awards:

The darkened glass is the most efficient glass to protect the olive oil from light. What is more, it has been demonstrated that green glass is one of the best.

Zaitum extra virgin olive oil is bottled in three sizes of green glass bottles. Thus, it enables everyone to enjoy it in the way that suits them.

All formats include dispenser cap which prevent dripping and ensures the proper closure. The 250 ml format is designed for a first test and for single-person homes. It is a different way to improve the nutritional quality of your diet.


ceramic jug

As far as we know, Aceites Malagón is the unique manufacturer of this ítem. Zaitum extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is poured into this original, elegant, ceramic jug. It is especially suitable for gourmet stores and restaurants, as well as perfect for gifts and Christmas season.

It is modern, exclusive and luxurious, and as the same time, has a traditional touch. Old tanks in which the oil was kept in the past are made of this material, as it is the best to protect the olive oil from external agents that could damage it. Its lightness and ergonomic design make it very manageable. This choice is one of the most beautiful ways to make your life healthier.

Type of container Capacity Box units Weight
Ceramic 500 ml 6 5,40 kg